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The perfect treatment of your
menopause symptoms is now
within reach with BalAge Rx℠

BalAge Rx treatment begins with you and the measurement of your current hormone levels. The goal is to precisely replace your natural hormone levels that are currently fluctuating due to menopause. Once measured, our pharmacists work in conjunction with your doctor and/or nurse practitioner to formulate a custom program of biologically identical hormones designed specifically for your needs.


You have experienced the confusion, discomfort and challenges of menopause and now you are ready to take some action. The road to balance with BalAge Rx℠ begins by arming yourself with the best information. This website, our social media presence and your doctor are great sources for helpful information.



Everything starts by having your current hormone levels measured precisely. Your doctor can administer urine, blood or saliva testing to determine your current hormone levels. Another option is to visit Suntree Pharmacy and pick up (or we can mail one to you) a saliva based test kit which is sent to an independent lab to measure your current hormone levels.